Morocco Desert Emotions

Discover Morocco desert Tours width Morocco Desert Emotions : travel agency based in Zagora, run by a nomad family, their Origins from the desert, they will share with you the real nomadic culture, or if you are lucky enough to have a meal with local families. our Tours package contain many possibilities, such as Camel Trek, Excursions, Tours, Trips, Day Tour…; We offer for you a variety options, luxury private 4X4 Tours, private trip short or long, Shared Tours, all that with reasonable and different prices Assistant by our Team from all over Morocco at the place of your Arrival, Transfer to your hotel or Riad, relax on the first night then we start the trip depending on your choice and needs.

Why choosing Morocco Desert Emotions?

Morocco Desert Emotions Offer Trip according to your budget, depending on your time, you will have the opportunity to visit locals to feel, taste and touch the real traditions. We will be glad to assist you organize your desert dream trip, nomadic trekking by camels, Berber villages discovering…, suit to your budget, timetable, and interest. If you need any advice, looking for answer some questions about Morocco, or any more information please don’t hesitate contact us and we will be more than happy if you book with us.

Morocco Desert, Mountain and Imperial Tours

Trekking Morocco desert

Discover the peaceful world where you will meet your soul on the quit world, by your arrival to the beautiful dunes you will find camels waiting for a camel ride on the dunes, explore the wild dunes of Morocco Sahara and enjoying the amazing landscape of sunset on the golden dunes, Nomadic entertainment by night under thousands of stars around a camp fire by the end you choose whether you sleep on the tent or directly under the sky shooting stars, on the morning you will profit the special sunrise.

Excursions Atlas Berber mountains

visit the Atlas mountain and discover the Berber culture, Berbers are the first and original habitant of Morocco before the Roman dynasty, they were living in mountain and know by many kinds of traditional handicrafts,  The trekking on Atlas mountain will be with mules for carrying the luggage and food, Local official guide mountain for making sure that you will be in safety trek, you will have whether a cup of tea or a meal with the original habitant to taste the real Berber culture, enjoy the wonderful landscapes on the Atlas.

Trips Atlantic coast

Travel to Atlantic coast on Essaouira and discover Mogador, a stay on a relaxed Riad on the old town in the medina is home to many small arts and crafts businesses, notably cabinet making and (thuya or wood-craving) and enjoying the beach, discover the Gnawa Culture and spiritual music, .visit Agadir, Tiznite and Sidi Ifni, the Atlantic Berber cities, profit the suitable clime, eat the different kinds of fresh fishes and explore the Berber culture.

Tours guide imperial cities

The imperial cities in Morocco are different, each one has her own secret and culture, you will discover the Romanian monument on Volubilis, on Fez the start of Morocco which was founded on seventh centuries by Idriss I, visit Karaouin the oldest university on the world and Medrassa Bouanania …, Visit Marrakesh, explore the square Jamaa La Fna, the koutoubia Mosque and majouriel garden ….

Visit Northern Morocco

Chefchaouen’s mountainous surroundings are enhanced by the contrast of the brightly painted medina (old town). It is this beauty and the relaxed atmosphere of the town that makes Chefchaouen very attractive to visitors. visit Waterfalls of Akchour, Tour in Tetouan and Tanger or the door of Africa, visit old Medina and profit the Mediterranean climate.