Trekking with Morocco Desert Emotions

Whether you are on a short or long, you leave the way of modern life and discover an extreme environment and the way of nomadic life. You will be with the local trekking team of Desert Emotion, who will cook and drive camels, and show you the real way of nomadic life…
Morocco desert Emotions offer for you on our desert camel trekking trip a variety of fabulous landscapes, for the Emotional dunes of golden sand to black rocky desert, Erg to Reg, unforgettable encounters, start your days with amazing sunrise, start walking for few hours, before sitting down for lunch and a quick nap if you are tired, and then we walk a bit more few hours depending on your abilities, later your team will install the camp, prepare a cup for tea for you to enjoy drinking it from the top of the dunes while you are watching the sunset, by the night you will be sitting around a camp fire, listening to some story of Sahara life…

What should you bring as equipment for trekking?

Each trekker should have his backpack with his necessary things (water, camera, sun cream…) the rest of luggage will be taken by camels, All useful items should be in back pack, I addition to basic accessories, we suggest to have the following requirement, to be adapted according to the season :
Individual clothes for trekking.
Scarf (you can but it your way to the south) to protect you from the sun and sand if it windy.
Sleeping bag
Walking shoes
Do not hesitate to take pocket games and books for children
The travel medical pharmacy
Sun cream

What Morocco desert Emotion provides you:

Morocco Desert Emotion provide you of all materials that should be in a trek, more than that if you like something special we can make it following to your request, for tents you can sleep on your own trekking tents, or you can also sleep on nomadic large tents with the family, or you can choose the choice to sleep under the sky full of millions of stars, also we provide you:

– Small mattress
– Coverage if needed
– Nomadic tent as a kitchen
– Kitchen requirement
– Meals and drinks ( tea or coffee) during all the trek
– Breakfast (tea, coffee, bread, jams, cheese…) ; lunch usually on a shade of Tamaris (cold meals…) and – – —- dinner is taken around the camp fire(Tajine, Couscous…). Tea and coffee whenever you like.
– About a camel for each trekker, so you can ride it you are tired.
– Guide speaking your language.
– Camel’s driver and kitchen team.

Transfers and transportations:

Morocco Desert Emotions offer for you a variety of ways for transfers on Camels Trekking Trips, depending to your budget of travel, we offer three solution:
The economical solution: Public transport. There are many daily shuttles between the cities of Marrakech – Ouarzazate – M’hamid. They have the disadvantage of being a bit longer, but the advantage of being closer to the local life. You can see ( it is one of the best companies in Morocco.
The comfort solution: The vehicles offered by Morocco Desert Emotion. We will pick you up on request from the airports of your arrival city. We make the transfer to the departure point, and, at your convenience, take a few stops: visit the Ksar Ben Ait Haddou, visit the Koranic library, and stop at different points of views (Atlas, Drâa Valley, Palm groves…). The vehicles, of type 4X4 or others, our vehicles are air-conditioned and very comfort.
The freedom solution: Personal vehicles. If you opt to join us with your personal (rental) vehicle, this one will be guarded and kept in M’hamid throughout the duration of the trek.

Sahara, the desert of Morocco with many facets:

The word Sahara means “desert” in Arabic. The desert of sand covers only 20% of the surface of the Sahara. The desert of the Sahara is also mountains, hamadas, regs and areas covered with huge sheets of sand.
The Moroccan Sahara has a hot desert climate, characterized by long and extremely hot summers, while the winters are short.

– The climate is also characterized by a perpetual clear sky.
– The Ergs, large dune massifs
– Regs, flat stony stretches
– The Hamadas, rocky plateaus bounded by cliffs
– The Djebel, hills or mountain massifs
– The Oases
– The Palm groves
– Wadis, or rivers
– Traces of the old caravan routes

From the golden dunes of Erg Chegaga to the rocky plateaus of Hamada, the Moroccan desert offers trips for all tastes:
Family holidays and special trips
Holidays and dromedary backpacking with bivouac in the dunes
Sports trekking sailing from oasis to oasis.

You will meet:
– Authenticity
– the sun
– The scenery
– Hospitality
– Peace
– Silence

All the ingredients of a camel trekking trip in the heart of the desert in Morocco, is unique and unforgettable. So Don’t hesitate to ask us about any information!!!